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All the often used tags and there description detailed here

Descriptions of common XML-node identifiers.


Part of most API-calls
Since API: 
Required Authentication Level: 
XML Submit Structure: 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
XML Submit Legenda: 

contractcode mandatory
Unique identifier for your Acumulus account. You can have multiple username/password combinations within a single contractcode. It is suggested to create a seperate username/password for each system you are using to connect to this API.

username mandatory
Username, used for identification.

password mandatory
Password, used for identification.

emailonerror non mandatory
If set, errors raised are send to this address by email. Only a single email address is allowed.

emailonwarning non mandatory
If set, warnings raised are send to this address by email. Only a single email address is allowed.

format non mandatory
A case insensitive optional parameter to define in which type of format you would like to receive the response.

Option Output format  
json JSON  

testmode non mandatory
Numeric identifier for applying testmode. When using testmode no changes are put into Acumulus but your input is being checked for warnings and errors. Not available in every API-call. Please refer to call-specific documentation.

Option Behavior  
0 Normal run DEFAULT
1 Test mode applied. No changes are made.  
XML Response Structure: 

Please note that this is often integral information as part of an already supplied response structure.

XML Response Legenda: 

Error/warning code number. Usually of type 4xx, 5xx or 6xx. String.

Special code tag. Use this as a reference when communicating with Acumulus technical support. String.

A message describing the warning or error. String.

Total number of errors. Integer.

Total number of warnings. Integer.

Indicates the overall processing of the API request. Integer.

Option Description
0 Success. Without warnings
1 Failed. Errors found.
2 Success. With any warnings
3 Exception. Please contact Acumulus technical support